I'm an Industrial Designer by training, and a maker at heart.
I am passionate about building memorable & differentiated connected experiences by keeping humans at the center.
I'm fueled by leading teams to physically dig in to understand people and the way they interact with the world and the things around them.
Design, for me, isn't just about aesthetics or function, but about creating experiences that elicit uniquely human emotions. True Innovation is doing this in new and differentiated ways.
Personally, I believe in taking an experimentation based approach – to start with and focus on the problems that matter to maximize impact in my work and in my teams. I'm fueled by a persistent curiosity, and a build to learn mindset. 
Today, I am a Design Director with service design agency, Fjord, a part of Accenture Interactive. 
In addition to client work, I am responsible for growing and deepening our Design talent, skills and diversity in the Midwest. I also lead Innovation for Accenture Interactive in the Midwest, building methodologies, expanding our portfolio with key clients, growing community, and representing Interactive capabilities within the Accenture Innovation Network.
For me, everything is about defining, planning for, and achieving significant outcomes. If work is never realized and cannot make an impact, then none of it matters. I'm looking forward to paving a path to impact with you to make our mark on the world together. 
And of course – thank you for spending the time to get to know me and my work. 
Want to chat? Feel free to message me about: 
• The next big thing
• Speaking opportunities
• Travel hacking
• College football hot takes
• Cycling gear
My philosophies: 
A static idea can never be great until it is thought of as a living, evolving entity that exists in deliberate conditions that allow it to grow to become even greater over the course of time. 
I don't believe in luck. I believe in a managed approach to taking the best risks. 
No regrets. If you want it, at least give it your best shot to see where it takes you. 
If you're learning, you're winning. 
99.9% of the time, you are not the person you are designing for.
Creating, growing, and maintaining relationships is just like gardening.
Time is the most valuable asset we have to work with.
I believe in an outcomes-oriented approach to my work.
If you haven't first defined the outcomes you've set out to achieve, how will you know if you are successful? 
Just because something is difficult, doesn't mean it isn't worthwhile.
Acceptance criteria may be the best way to define and communicate almost anything.
This is supposed to be fun.
If I wasn't in design, I might have ended up: 
As a photojournalist
Flying planes
Brewing beer
Hosting a house flip HGTV show
As a tour guide in an exotic locale
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